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Google and Apple Apps: Real Time Search More Prevalent

The App wars between Google and Apple have taken new heights, and that’s to be expected seeing how these two fierce competitors are producing a tech-crazed revolution that has swept all corners of the globe. If you’re not familiar with what an App is, it’s simply this: they are small software applications designed specifically for iPhones, some smart phones, and more recently, the Droid. These applications can run anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. There are even apps that show you how to create apps. It’s an incredible thing that has taken on a life of its own, and anyone with basic programming knowledge can make one.

Whether you’re looking for directions to a local restaurant or you need a flash light in really dark places, there’s an app for that. The possibilities literally are endless, but what does it mean for us? Simply this: apps are a new thing to move us further into the future and it is changing the way the Internet is used. It’s also making the Internet a little more obsolete each day (sounds like an oxymoron but bear with me). When you can have the power of the Internet and certain nuances of the Internet at the tips of your fingers, then what’s the point of having the Internet in your home in the first place.

Is there a clear winner in the App wars between Apple and Google?  Currently, no; but more to be discovered later. Both produce apps for all walks of life, while the operating systems run off the same channel.  Apps are a science and they’re only as good as the system it’s used on. Whether it’s a Google App or an Apple App, one thing’s for sure: they’re still going at it with one another to get the edge, all the while designing Apps that are useful to followers (no matter what phone it’s on).

In a previous blog I mentioned real time search on smart phones is becoming more and more relevant and that remains to be the truth and nothing but the truth, considering both these phones are creating apps to be search friendly, giving you alerts when something happens. In an information-crazed society, this is huge.

Information at the speed of light is a powerful thing and in a hustle and bustle world, it becomes far more important to have information you can have access to without waiting to get home.  It goes beyond that, though. The App wars aren’t just based on “friendly” competition; it’s about creating user-friendly apps that are useful to society that can be accessed from the convenience of XYZ.

Google’s Apps appear to be headed toward more longevity since the dominant company’s rule a large portion of the Internet. Is there a correlation between real time search results and the name Google, or more specifically Google Apps?  Yes. It would be foolish not to think that’s not the case. Prepare for inaccuracies in search results.  These Apps very well could change the way we search permanently—and dare I say which hours we should search.  That could be a stretch, but given the multitudes of search avenues (including particular Apps), we can’t rule out that idea.

Apple appears to be losing the App race (brought on by bad phone parts press) but name recognition alone will get it back on track.  That’s not to say Google has the leg up.  Relatively new in the App making world, they still have some catching up to do, but like any successful business, they will find a way to catch up.

Will we see a winner soon?


Will we see a change in how we search from now on?



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