Is Christmas Online December 27th?

You know, I find myself wondering lately, how much business is done online in the days after Christmas.  Everyone knows that there are a lot of returns made on gifts that just aren’t right or don’t actually fit.  What happens with all that exchange money?  Certainly a lot of it is used in-store at the time of the exchange, but that can’t be all of it.

And what about all the Christmas cash and gift cards?  Do people make a bee-line exactly where they know something they want is?  Or do they just look around for a while to find the best deal they can on anything that interests them?  On occasion, search engines have used seasonally specific searching features, so is it possible that they’re going to need something that helps people find the best sale associated with your chosen keywords?

I’m afraid that I don’t have any worthwhile answers to this, but it’s certainly worth thinking about.  We all know that the Internet is used a lot for conducting business, so why shouldn’t it be part of the big After Christmas sales?  I know that, if I get some Christmas cash, I’m probably going to spend it in online purchases.

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