Brave New Online World

Well, we’ve said all along that the Internet is changing.  Now the Gartner Symposium has proven it:  they’ve pointed out how even email is changing in light of social media.  You’ve probably noticed that to some extent.  Updates on what some of the contacts in your address book are doing, perhaps?

Well, this isn’t the only way in which the Internet’s changing things.  A while back, Sococo released what’s essentially a social media program for the office.  The idea is that you use it rather than chase all over the place to find someone, and a thousand other things that it can simplify for you.

So, it’s not surprising that the standard email providers are getting on the bandwagon as well, or that SM has been trying to facilitate that blending.  The easier it is for people to communicate with each other, the more the Internet does the job it’s actually intended for.

There’s always been some level of talk that one day computers are going to be like you see in the old Jetsons cartoons, where you press a button and it’s a calculator or you press another and it’s a live video conference with your boss.  Well, it’s almost here.  The software is developing, and the hardware is so good that you can almost feel Mr. Spacely reaching out from the screen and grabbing you by the collar.  It’s just a matter of time now before everyone’s wondering why we don’t have flying cars too.

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