You Know You’re An Internet Geek When…

Sooner or later, everyone has to ask themselves: “How far is too far?”  Obviously, the Internet is a very useful thing that can help both business and private life.  However, shouldn’t it be put aside when someone’s life is in danger?

Apparently, a lot of people don’t think so.  Last night, Bill Nye, the famous Science Guy, collapsed while starting a lecture.  Offhand, it looks like he might have had some sort of a stroke.  Did everybody rush up to help him?  No, they tweeted the whole thing.  If you happen to be following the right tweets, you already got a thorough walk through of the whole thing.

Some people have been defending the students in attendance with the argument that they thought it was part of Professor Nye’s act.  Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t.  Either way, it doesn’t seem like one’s first response should be to send out a tweet.

And the death of YouTuber Messy Mya?  I’m looking and I can’t find anything about all the people who found out almost as soon as it happened getting word to the police before they could spread the word online.

Getting word to fans about problems their heroes are facing isn’t without merit.  I understand that.  But when that becomes more important that helping those same people in their moment of need, we need to take a long look at ourselves and ask if our priorities are straight.  Isn’t it possible that we’ve passed the point where we value our digital connections too much?

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