Google Has Met Its Match

How do you bring down a giant?  Get him to pick a fight with a bigger giant.  And that’s just what Google’s done.  They’re suing the U.S. government for awarding a contract to their competitors rather than them.

Now, the problem is this:  court cases involving two powerful opponents (or one powerful and one very stubborn) always get ugly.  It’s very possible that this will wind up breaking Google’s monopoly on a lot of things.  I think it’s even likely, because the whole question of the case turns on whether or not they have a right to demand a monopoly from the government.

Google’s been getting into a lot of trouble lately for being too much of a Big Brother element in our lives.  So, naturally, they’re now challenging the one institution that can equal them in terms of how much it’s poking it’s nose in people’s lives.  The difference is that Google doesn’t run the courts, the government – the one they’re challenging – does.  A fair fight?  Probably not.  One that Google started?  Definitely.

All in all, I’d say that this is probably the biggest mistake that Google’s ever made and perhaps ever will make.  What I want to know is what were they thinking when they decided this was a good idea?

Does anybody out there see a way they can survive this?  ‘Cause I’d love to know.

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