Facebook And Privacy – What, Again?

We’ve heard this one before.  Seriously.

Yet they keep telling us the same story all over again.  Now Facebook doesn’t seem to know how to police itself in order to maintain its own privacy policies.  Undoubtedly, they’re scrambling to fix the problem now that it’s become known, but you’d think they would be looking to make sure that this sort of thing didn’t happen in the first place.

Strictly speaking, the problem isn’t Facebook’s fault, because they don’t control the apps that people use.  However, they do still bear responsibility since the apps in question are transmitting user IDs of people  on Facebook.  That’s why people may find that their favorite games aren’t working for a while – Facebook is shutting down (at least temporarily) the apps that have been giving out that data, either deliberately or unknowingly.

Now I don’t honestly want to sound like I’m out to get Facebook, because I’m not.  They’re working to fix the problem, and they’re being moderately upfront about it (although I didn’t find out about this because of them telling me).  The thing is, though, that they’ve been taking a lot of heat lately, especially in the category of the privacy of the site’s users.  Spam is a violation of privacy if you have to deal with it.  Coordinating the site with ski lodges can reduce your level of privacy.  Getting placed in groups without your consent, and sometimes without your knowledge, is a privacy issue.

The point is, people may not realize it, but Facebook is in trouble.  Heck, people are even starting to experiment with “what if we gave up the site for a while”.  The company recently quintupled its stock – that is, cut the value of each stock by 5 & said that everyone had 5 times as much stock as they did before.  That’s a lot of financial success, and we’ve seen before just how dangerous that can be for a software company – Microsoft, anyone?

Personally, I like Facebook, even though they seem to change the format on me every few months.  It helps me keep in touch with people that have moved out of the direct spheres of my life.  But if they don’t stop letting these problems slip past their screening, people are going to start hating the service every bit as actively as they do all the software giants that have gotten so successful that people got sick of them.

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