Facebook Advertising Isn’t All Spam

Lately, social media has become the brain-child in which any company trying to advertise online places their hopes.  And there’s validity in this, because people are extremely ready to voice their satisfaction or displeasure with a company on their personal pages where everyone can see it.  So, companies are spending several fortunes on amping up how they’re marketed on social media.

However.  Maybe Facebook has outsmarted them.  Most people don’t look at their entire news feed, just the “Top News” page, because it’s shorter and tends to focus on the things that interest them most.  That’s where Facebook has won over the dangers of spamming.  You see, they ultimately decide what goes into any given Top News feed.  It’s all based on what the individual Facebook user interacts with regularly or most often, so it’s always going to be about things that actually interest them rather than just whatever happens to be put up.

Sure, a lot of those links to the side of the page – most of them, really – are adds.  However, the Top News only advertises the things that each user actually wants to hear about.  This results in much more relevant “impressions” in terms of what you actually value seeing.  Impressions is a term referring to the things you actually see when you’re on your Facebook homepage, rather than everything that happens to be there.

A lot of people will overlook the value of what Facebook is doing here, because it doesn’t help them get any new customers.  However, it’s immensely valuable because it has everything to do with maintaining repeat business from people who liked your services.  Because, if they’re paying enough attention that Facebook puts your posts onto their Top News feed, they’re going to see when you offer some new product, run a promotion, or just want to remind people of how great you are.  That means that those people are more likely to come back for more – they’re happy with you and you’re reminding them that you’re there whenever they want.

This is a very important strategy for the future, since Facebook is becoming the most popular way for people to find things, and since they’ve recently come under fire for giving people a new way to spam each other.  If you don’t actually interact with something, say a group for which someone else signed you up, you don’t have to hear about whatever they’re doing if you only look at your Top News feed.

  1. #1 by techndu on February 18, 2011 - 4:53 pm

    It seems I was wrong. Now they’ve got adds all over every page, even in the middle of my newsfeed.
    And it isn’t even stuff that I’m interested in.
    Way to fail when someone sticks up for you, Facebook.

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