Universal, Vital Google

There are a lot of people that have a beef against Google for one reason or another.  Even so, it’s worth paying attention to everything they do, because they’re the single most powerful presence on the Internet.  They make it possible for billions of people to find whatever they’re looking for with without a lot of trouble that you had to deal with when using a lot of the search engines that came before them.

When Google came on the scene in 1998, it revolutionized how web pages were searched by arranging everything on its new page ranking system.  Since then, it’s led the way in efforts to make sure that the top list entries are always the most relevant for searchers.  That’s why they’ve been able to become the most popular search engine on the web.

In fact, we probably couldn’t find half as much on the Internet without their help at some point or other.  They do everything from helping people find what they need to walking novice webmasters through everything need to know to work their websites, and offer ways for people to get websites hosted.  They’re even offering their own web browser now.  They really make all kinds of things possible – and easier since you can get everything covered in a single, consolidated place.

If Google wasn’t there, the internet might or might not be smaller.  It would be a lot harder to do whatever you want without it.  That makes it a resource that everyone ought to appreciate, no matter whether they’re unhappy about something the company does or they really love it all.  There’s plenty of other things that they do online that depend on Google, so that it proves its worth every day.

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