Facebook Uses

What seemed to start off as the response to Myspace has grown into something larger than the Internet. Many people have started to use Facebook in many different non-traditional ways. A recent article by The New York Times advised of India’s use of the popular media site to catch angry and unsafe drivers. Let’s take a look of some of the many ways that the Book of Face is used.

Job Postings: There are still tons of thousands of people looking for jobs today. The next time you ask your boyfriend what his day consisted of and he replies “Facebook,” don’t lose all hope. He might just be trying to find a gig and get off your couch.

I Hate You Posts: You can know tell all those you secretly despise how you really feel about them, safely behind your computer screen. Fill up their honesty box with hateful messages or hide your true identity behind made up login names.

Staying Connected: The News Feed in Facebook seems to work faster than AP. There are constant updates that are available that pertain to many different topics.  Find out what your friends are doing, what your favorite celebrity is wearing and even stay informed on important world issues.

Local Hot Spots: Facebook  has turned into a virtual PR company. Numerous parties, gatherings and social events are all promoted on the site in hopes of attracting large amounts of party-goers.

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