White Hat and the Morality of Code

Most people don’t realize it, but a lot of what goes on in your website depends on the source code and meta tags that are used.  Don’t misunderstand and think that this means that your content isn’t important – it’s absolutely vital – but the heavy lifting, so to speak, all goes on behind the scenes, where most people never see it.  So, the code used has to have a code of morality, too.

Here’s the thing: someone who’s good at writing HTML and meta tags can basically lie to Google and other search engines, and get a different rating than they should have.  This might mean they’re further up the list than they should be, but it might mean they get put onto lists where they shouldn’t be included at all – Black Hat SEO firms love that sort of thing.

White Hat companies, by contrast, will make sure that your code is completely legitimate and doesn’t include anything to try tricking the search engines.  Instead, they make the whole website work fluidly with the spiders search engines send out to figure out where, and under what categories pages should be listed.  Each line of HTML involved is written just right, so it makes everything easier to inspect and come to an accurate decision.

They can even make your site more user friendly that way.  Since work on optimizing the site is all about making it more relevant to prospective clients, making it easier to use is a serious possibility when the source code is being worked on.  That’s why it’s important to make sure that you get a reliable, White Hat SEO company to handle everything you need done.

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