Real Time All The Time

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the heated competition between Droid X and iPhone 4.  While iPhone 4 is still working through a few minor kinks and the Droid X yet to come, the jury is still out.  Both phones are, at least to the standard of technology today, state of the art.  The original Droid tried to mimic the iPhone and the iPhone was just the iPhone. The smartphone wars going on between Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint don’t seem to have a clear winner as of yet, but it certainly becomes interesting when we see how the Droid X really does when it’s released.

But what do these smart phones truly mean for its users?  It simply means this: we as users are being used as a test pool for real time search.  Technology is getting faster and faster, and smarter and smarter.  It’s also allowing us to do more with the browser on our phones today than at this point last year.  With the implementation of Facebook and Twitter on your smartphone you can relay information anywhere you want. While this concept isn’t new, it’s refined.  Refined in such a way that the speed is quicker and the tools are more enhanced to allow us to do more with what we have—and faster, too.

Twitter and Facebook are great, but it doesn’t compare to being able to surf the Internet at quick speeds.  Find a restaurant in the middle of nowhere or search movie times when you want to catch a movie at the spur of the moment. Your options are limitless when it comes to have a highly sophisticated smartphone, but with great power comes great responsibility.

As the sale of smartphones go up, so too does the use of mobile Internet.

What does this mean to you?

It simply means real time search is real.  Many SEO experts claim real time search is overrated and that only newsworthy items apply to this.  Not anymore.  The science of it makes sense.  It’s far more convenient for people to search the Internet when they’re out and about because they can.  No more booting up computers or dealing with connectivity issues.

This isn’t to say there’s still no value in searching from your computer.  It’s still important and it’s still necessary, but we simply can’t ignore the cards that technology has dealt us. Smartphones are here to stay.  There’s no disputing that and real time search is more of a reality than people think.

It’s now more crucial to understand the market in a different way.



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