World Wide Google?

What did we do before Google? Of course Yahoo! has been around for years and helped us filter our scatter brained searches down to a cohesive result that actually made sense, but where did we get our information from before we could simply type in what we needed and get an instantaneous result?  Can you remember the last time you actually researched something in an encyclopedia? What do those large books even have in them?

Google has become so important today because it’s basically all that we’re left with. Of course you could take time and go to the library and search for articles on the materials that you are researching, but we just simply don’t any more. We’ve been handicapped by Google. This easy search and return type of process has simplified our lives and made us a little more lazy at the same time. Google has turned into more than just a search engine. With its’ reader and alert systems, it keeps you continuously updated with all the information you’re actually interested in having. They’ve tailored those scatter brained searches down to useful articles, blogs and content that keeps us coming back for more.

  1. #1 by techndu on June 30, 2010 - 6:51 pm

    Thank goodness for Google.
    Because of their lions share of the searches being done on the net today, I can use their stats to help my new SEO customers determine approximately how much money they will make off their front page ranking with their product or service. Depending on their rank position of course.
    My customers can know about how many sales they can expect to make and that clears the way to do business. When they begin to realize the approximations are real, They become a customer for life.
    They make money.
    I make money.
    And it’s all because of Google. Thank goodness for Google.

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