No Strategy, No Way

It is clear that social media is here to stay.  It has become the new system which companies and organizations must learn to use, in order to compete with today’s industry.

According to a recent study the next generation of consumers will be even more integrated into the social media network.  In this study it was calculated that 90% of girls ages 11 to 18 and 50% of boys say that Facebook and other social media sites are the most important things in their life; second only to family and friends.

As the internet becomes ever more imbedded into the core of our lives, companies must learn to use this vehicle to their advantage.

While it is clear that the corporate market must ‘jump on the band wagon,’ a study by Digital Brand Expressions says that only  78% of the companies polled are using social media; and only 41% of those companies have any sort of strategy in place for their social media.  This means that over 50% of the companies using social media have no real game plan for using it.

Even of the 41% that had a strategy, only 29% of those companies have policies and/or communications protocols in place.  What this means is, most companies that are having the initiative to use social media are not telling their employees how to use it.  This can quickly become disastrous as the employees try to communicate with consumers on their own.

Social media is an important step into the next phase of consumer/company relations, as well as the next phase of advertisement, but if a company is not strategic and concise with their usage of the networks they may be doing more harm than good.

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