Write Right, Or Write Wrong

There are two parts to making your site show up online:  The content, which means the stuff people read; and the source code, which is the stuff computers read to make each webpage work.  There are things a Black Hat service can do in attempts to use your code to get a better listing, but all of that amounts to hacking on some level or other.  The White Hat methods, in contrast, are fairly straightforward – what they do is make sure that every page on your site is counted when it should be and that everything works well with the search engines proper.

That leaves the content.  This is also the easiest place for a White Hat service to shine and a Black Hat to get caught:  It’s all about the quality of your site’s content.  Poor quality or plagiarized content will ultimately get you a much lower placement, even if it puts you at the top of the list for a few days.  The search engines will see that it’s causing their users trouble, and that their search spiders were tricked, and will bump your landing page down to a very low position.  Unless they decide you should be blocked out entirely, of course.  That would obviously hurt your business, but that’s the cost of working with a dishonest company.

What you really need is high quality, original content on every page.  Even if that doesn’t get you the eternally desired Number One entry position, it will treat you a lot better in the long run.  Not only will you maintain your high placement, people who visit your site will understand what you’re trying to communicate to them, and they’ll be a lot more inclined to give you their business.  It’s really the gold standard to which every website should hold, whether it hires an outside company to help promote it or not.

The term “Quality Content” can sound a little vague, so here’s what it means:

  • Proper grammar and spelling is employed.
  • Every keyword you want included is used in a relevant, contextually accurate way.
  • The content used is relevant to the pages where it’s put.
  • No content is stolen from any other source – as any college instructor can tell you, plagiarism or copying someone else’s work for your own use is stealing.
  • Content is neither so simple that it’s just a pointless blurb nor so technical that only an expert in your field can read it.

If any firm tries to tell you that these standards, you should immediately remove them from your consideration, because they can’t help you in the end.  If, however, you can find one that is not only willing to meet these standards but is actually intent on doing so, then you’ve found a company that can do you a lot of good on the internet.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you for what you’re going to do.  You can either take your chances with a company that’s willing to lie, cheat, and steal its way to the top, or you can “settle” for the honest one that’s going to do its best and won’t promise impossible improvements in your results.  You’ll see which is which very quickly in the sort of content that’s used.

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