Authentic Search Entries

Lately, organic searches have been the number one goal on engines like Google.  Since they want so much to make sure that everything they pull up for people is actually relevant to the keywords and to the ideas behind them, this is completely understandable.  You don’t want your time wasted on someone’s recipes for pie when you’re trying to find a toaster oven, after all.

The term organic searches basically means searches that bring up material relevant to the search, without sites buying placement with the search engine, and without resorting to spam text.  That just means not using the keyword again and again, unnecessarily, just to get a better spot on the engine’s index.  Instead, only real, useful content is accepted into the category of “organic”.

That also helps weed out second rate companies:  if they have to resort of mindlessly repeating keywords over and over to get noticed, it’s a safe bet that they’re not going to treat their customers too well, either.  That extra protection is one of the beauties of organic searches.  It blocks that sort of website from being found with the better engines like Google, partially or completely, depending on the standards and procedures applied.

Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses don’t know how to make their sites friendly to organic searches.  Sometimes this is because they don’t know how to talk to search engine spiders, and sometimes it’s because they aren’t particularly skilled writers.  Sometimes, it’s because they haven’t even thought about being found on Google or Yahoo.  In any case, there are a lot of smaller sites that aren’t found simply because they aren’t trying.

That costs them a lot of money, because of sales that never happen.  When people don’t come to a sight, because it’s effectively invisible on organic searches, they won’t do business there – simple fact.  That’s actually why most people use search engines, too, to find companies where they can take their business.  They just need to know which places are actually worth looking at, and which ones are bogus.  That’s why organic searches are so much more popular than web ads.

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