The Power of Google

Everyone knows that Google is the leading search engine on the internet.  Millions of people use it every single day.  That gives Google a lot of power, whether they realize it or not:  They can control what people see when they go looking for anything through that engine.  Actually, they do try to control it to an extent, because they don’t want to waste the time of anyone who decides to use them.

To that end, they are constantly re-working their listings in the attempt to make sure that the sites they pull up are the most worthwhile for browsers that they can be.  Of course, they do let other websites influence them to a certain extent.  If a site wants to make use of paid links, it can get some very effective online advertising through the whole Google network.

However, that is not the only way you can be noticeable.  If you bring in a search engine optimization team, they can do a lot to make your website more relevant according to Google’s standards, so that you will be listed higher in their searches.  The interesting part is that there are actually two different ways of going about this and both have their strengths and drawbacks: White and Black Hat SEO.

The difference between these two is how they go about it.  Black Hat tries to manipulate the search engine into getting you the results you want which is both dishonest and, ultimately, impossible.  You can’t force a fundamental change in Google’s software, and you shouldn’t try anyway.  Instead, you should stick with White Hat SEO and work on improving your own site so that it will work better with the engines.

All that you can do is work on the optimization of your own website.  That can actually involve some very complicated programming, since you want to be sure that you can be very cooperative with the search engine spiders that look through every page on the web.  If the spider chokes on some of a website’s program, it is that much more likely to decide that a page should not be included.

You also need to make sure that your readable content is high quality.  Sometimes that means including very specific technical information, but sometimes it just means making sure that everything is readable for anyone who comes across it.  Proper grammar and easy word usage – without being mind-numbingly repetitive – are both important in ensuring the readability of any web page.  Quality content is always important, because it is a key gauge in determining whether a site is worth the attention of people using keyword searches.

Of course, that means you are more subject to Google’s notions of how listings should work, but there’s no getting around that honestly.  After all, they have absolute control over their own software, so they are the ones directing how their search engine operates.  That is why they can charge for paid links run through their website.  If they didn’t have solid control, anyone could do anything there, whether it was even legal or not.

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