Deconstructing the Basics of SEO: Content is King

Many people think that SEO is using a lot of keywords and key phrases in articles and blogs.  Sure, this is part of it, but it’s only one small part in a very large whole.  SEO is more than just adding keywords; it’s about quality marketing.  There is onsite optimization and there is offsite optimization, both very important to improving your rankings.  However, SEO content on both the website and wherever else you drop in your article should accurately represent your business or your client.

Content is king and without it, you will be wading in territory that you don’t want to be in.  Quality content is the driving force behind a quality SEO program.  In order to promote your product, you have to write well about it and you have to accurately represent what it is to your audience.  SEO concepts work for any kind of business regardless of what it is. Visualize who your target audience is and craft a great piece toward them.  Your content should be free of grammatical errors and it should be engaging, fun, accurate, and make people want to buy and use your product.

There are many other things to consider, but this is just one of the few things. Stay tuned for more updates and more information regarding SEO.  You can also follow me on Twitter @techndu1.

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