The Art Of Helping The Sought

You might not think so, but it isn’t easy to be found on search engines.  If you don’t have things set just right on your site, the search spiders that go all over the internet will think your site doesn’t matter and won’t include it – except maybe on the last page or so of the total listings.  Since there are thousands of pages for every possible search, that means you won’t be found.

That’s where search engine optimization comes in.  SEO has a bad reputation in some circles, because of Black Hat SEO operators, but the long and short of what it means is that your site gets tweaked so that the search spiders believe you when you tell them your site is worth listing.  Most of this is a matter of using the right programming for your website, but some of it is about the readable content being worth the notice of people who use the search engines.

The difference between Black and White Hat SEO is also easy to understand.  A Black Hat operator does whatever he can in order to get you a high listing, including plagiarizing other sites and lying to the search engines.  They are especially known for flooding the internet with spam pages and text entries that are so filled with searchable keywords that they don’t read well.

White Hat, by contrast, does things the right way.  He may not get you as high a page listing, but his work will last a lot longer, because he won’t get you penalized when you’re caught doing things you shouldn’t – you won’t BE doing things you shouldn’t.

All of that comes down to this one point:  Without search engine optimization, your website will disappear in the thousands of comparable sites, but be careful what sort of SEO firm you hire to help you out.

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